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I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding

Austin, TX native, devoted follower of the Lord, and loving father of 3, Paul Mosley has a true passion for fitness. His commitment to fitness started as a child, playing football at LC Anderson High School and continued into college, receiving a full athletic scholarship to Baylor University. After graduating, Paul was selected as a free agent in the 2006 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Continuing his passion for fitness after football Paul decided to pursue personal training. He started his career in personal training in 2010 at numerous gyms before deciding to take a leap of faith and start Victory Home Fitness in 2012, with his biggest motivator being the birth of his first daughter. While owning VHF Paul has had the honor of training some of Austin’s most elite attorneys, helping student athletes play at the next level, and teaching many families how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  

In his free time you will usually catch Paul with his family or serving the community. Paul is a committed member of the Homeless Ministry at his church, supplying food and clothing to many homeless people around Austin. He is also an Alum of the Young Men’s Business League Sunshine Camps; having served low income and at risk youth for over 20 years.

Whether you want your child to train for a sport, you want to get in shape for specific event, or you just want an overall healthy lifestyle Paul is able to help you reach victory.    

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